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Garden Gate Florist

Garden Gate Florist which is located at 16 Young Street, Southport is a family-run store that started with a vision of embracing the value of nature and fabulous flowers in our lives. We believe in creating a strong communication bond with our customers and our community with utmost professionalism, hard work, and care. We are trusted by thousands of Australians to deliver them with the freshest and most magnificent flower arrangement in the shortest time. Local suppliers are our source of radiant and beautiful flowers, which has given us a reputed and renowned name in Australia.
We have grown our small business into a big venture over the years and have created teams of professionals who work with dedication to deliver the most exquisite flowers, arrangements and unique gifts via our online store as well as from our shop’s front.

Our Story

Edgar Saville and his wife Denya co-own the Garden Gate Florist and began chasing their dream in 1998. Their mutual love for flowers filled their relationship with affection and decided to spread their experience across the nation. They soon began to learn the ins and outs of floristry and business. Denya’s son Travis now co-owns Garden Gate Florist and is determined to bring a modern twist to the company.

Edgar and Travis in May 2016 joined hands to make Garden Gate Florist the greatest online flower delivery service in Australia. They are tenacious to provide highest quality flowers to the community at short notices, and bring the freshness of flowers in to other people's lives. Their main agenda is to create a business that they can be proud off in the future with satisfied clients and picturesque flowers. 
The flower industry is ever changing and to keep up with the new ideas, styles, and colors, they have assembled a team of creative flower lovers who constantly work to find new creative ways to add color and glory to your surroundings.
Next time you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to say hi and browse through our beautiful collection of flowers. You will find our friendly staff members around to answer your every query and help you come up with the best bouquet for your loved ones.
The Garden Gate Florist team sends their regards!